NCWEBMED brings affordable corporate style IT support to small and medium sized businesses in the RTP community. Our approach increases business productivity and reduces network down-time by providing a superior level of IT support. We minimize distractions and get your employees back to work. We take care of all of your IT needs, from daily troubleshooting to data backups and network security, we make it simple…..just point and click or give us a call and leave the headache to us.

Switch serves as your in-house IT staff providing:

  • Proactive services to keep your systems secure, updated, and backed up
  • Reactive support with fast response time and an easy to use helpdesk
  • IT plan to help your company make smart IT decisions and determine your exact
    technology needs

We offer monthly contracts that include unlimited support for a flat monthly fee or hourly consulting rates. You decide which works best for you and your company.

Our service gives small and medium sized businesses the same level of IT support that large corporations receive at a fraction of the cost.

Proactive Services

With the following services, Switch creates a more stable network environment,
preventing many common network issues before they occur. Our clients have peace
of mind that their networks are secure, backed up, and up to date.

FTP Backup Systems:

Are you tired of swapping backup tapes? With our system, all backups are automatic and your data is restored with a click of the mouse. Your data is encrypted and uploaded to a remote server with secure socket layer technology. Our backup system protects your data from environmental threats (theft, fire, etc.) and creates another layer of security to prevent loss of data.

Anti-virus/Malware Protection:

Your network is monitored for active threats and scanned for potential vulnerabilities. Our
central management and outbreak prevention policies keep your virus/malware protection updated and controlled.

Spam Filtering:

Thanks to our relationship with Spam Soap, our spam filtering service cannot be matched. All spam is removed from your email before it ever gets to your network, reducing virus attacks and
unwanted mail.

Security Audits:

Our security services include vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, and security access reviews. Our clients have the peace of mind that their network security is monitored for potential risks and safe from external attacks.

Software Updates:

We monitor our clients' software, making sure the latest software updates are applied and network security patches are installed.

Business Walkthrough:

Sometimes people get too busy to complain about minor IT issues. Our technicians periodically visit all
of our clients to make sure business is running smoothly.

Hosted DNS, Email, and Website Hosting:

Our flat-rate clients take advantage of our free website and email hosting services. Our email filtration system creates a redundant system that eliminates failure points.

Software License Management:

Oh yeah, we keep track of your licensing too. We will go through that messy software closet and get your licensing needs under control.

Reactive Services:

We pride ourselves on fast response time and quality customer service. Through remote support or an onsite visit we will promptly get your issue resolved and your employees back to work.

Help Desk:

Our ticket system allows end-users/employees to work directly with our engineers. Simply submit a ticket online or pick up a phone. Our ticket system keeps everyone organized and informed.

Remote Access:

Every end user is set up so we can access his/her computer remotely. This quick response resolves about 80% of user issues.

Onsite Visit:

A visit from one of our skilled technicians will promptly resolve your issue.

IT Plan:

Switch helps your company determine future IT needs and develop a strategy to meet those requirements.

Quarterly Meetings:

We schedule quarterly meetings upon request to ensure our clients' network is handling their
functional requirements. We will help you develop a plan that addresses your company's present and future needs.

Purchasing Recommendations:

We help you find the right products to meet your individual technological needs. We also offer custom
built computer systems backed by a three-year warranty on all parts and labor.